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Text Editors - Notepad Replacements

TED Notepad, Freeware for Windows

SUMMARY: TED Notepad is a freeware text editor with features including text sorting, duplicate line removal, and multiple clipboards.

TED Notepad is a freeware Notepad replacement for Windows. The software is no-frills; there are no toolbars, sidebars, skinning, etc. However, the software does include a myriad of options that can be accessed via the menu bar or keyboard.

The many features include changing text case, converting to/from Unix or Macintosh newline formats, e-mail quoting and un-quoting text (the infamous '>' character), text sorting with many advanced options, and inserting the time and/or date in a variety of formats.

Editing an HTML file with TED Notepad and accessing the nine clipboards

Other tools include nine clipboards so you can copy and paste different chunks of frequently-used text. As with other text editors, multi-level undo and redo is supported. Duplicate lines can be removed. The software can keep a list of favorite files for frequent re-accessing. Plus there are a variety of text selection, copying, and deletion shortcuts.

Configurable preferences include adjusting the tab size, fixed-width and proportional fonts (however the font color seems to be ignored), default file encoding, creating backup files, and settings to save upon close including saving the current window position and size.

TED Notepad may be downloaded from the following site; one version works on Windows 95 and above, and the Unicode version works on Windows 2000 and above. Note that portable versions are available:

* TED Notepad

This tip was written regarding TED Notepad v5.42 Final running on a Windows XP system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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