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Tips regarding applications that act as replacements for the standard Windows Notepad application. Some are geared to home users while others include features useful for programmers.

#1: Freeware ASCII Text Formatter with Cleanup Tools
Clean up text files such as electronic mail messages with the freeware TextMorph tool for Windows. Supports command-line parameters for batch operations.

#2: AkelPad Text Editor with Plugin Support including Text-To-Speech
AkelPad is a small open-source text editor for Windows that allows you to view four different parts of the same file simultaneously.

#3: Editor with Powerful Macro Language and Syntax Highlighting
Boxer Text Editor supports a wide array of customizations, pop-up features such as a HTML color chart, spell check, and more.

#4: Shareware Text Editor for Windows with Syntax Highlighting
Twistpad supports a variety of programmer-centric features including project and workspace management, syntax highlighting, and a spell checker.

#5: Text Editor with Integrated Web Browser and HTML Toolbar
EditPlus offers features useful for web programmers such as syntax highlighting, code folding, an integrated browser, and a color picker.

#6: Text Editor with Code Snippets and Syntax Highlighting
EmEditor supports macros, HTML preview, syntax highlighting, and downloadable plug-ins.

#7: Multi Platform Editor for Programmers
EditRocket is a multi-platform text / source code editor with programmer-centric features such as syntax highlighting, sample code builders, and convenient inserts.

#8: PilotEdit for Large Document Support
PilotEdit is a try-before-you-buy text editor with large document support, regular expression search and replace, and syntax highlighting.

#9: PolyEdit Text Editor / Word Processor
PolyEdit can act as a replacement for your text editor or word processor, with features including document spell check and encryption.

#10: TED Notepad, Freeware for Windows
TED Notepad is a freeware text editor with features including text sorting, duplicate line removal, and multiple clipboards.

#11: Sublime Text with Syntax Highlighting and a Document Minimap
Sublime Text supports syntax highlighting for a variety of languages, plus a full screen mode where everything can be hidden except the edited text.

#12: SuperEdi Supports Syntax Highlighting and a Scripting Language
The SuperEdi text editor supports programmer-centric features plus a scripting language allowing for XML validation, document speaking, and a visual HTML color picker.

#13: Notepad X, an Open Source Text Editor for Windows
Notepad X for Windows supports tabs, syntax highlighting, and multi-level undo among other features.

#14: RJ TextEd for Windows
RJ TextEd for Windows supports syntax highlighting, code folding, block reformatting, an integrated HTML preview window, and other features for programmers.

#15: PowerPad for Windows and Linux
PowerPad is a freeware text editor for Windows and Linux users with a tabbed interface, multiple-undo, and (Windows only) a text-to-speech feature.

#16: EditPad Lite for Windows
EditPad Lite is a text editor for Windows with a multi-document interface. Features include multi-level undo and block indentation.

#17: PSPad Text Editor for Programmers: Syntax Highlighting, Much More
PSPad, a freeware text editor for Windows geared towards programmers, contains features such as syntax highlighting and macro support.

#18: SciTE: A Text Editor for Programmers
SciTE is an open-source text editor for developers available for Windows and Linux. Features include syntax highlighting and code folding.

#19: Programmer's Notepad for Windows
Programmer's Notepad for Windows offers developers features such as code folding, projects and project groups, and syntax highlighting.

#20: TextPad for Windows
TextPad is a shareware Notepad replacement for Windows with multi-document support and spell checking with several downloadable languages.

#21: UltraEdit for Windows
UltraEdit is a powerful Windows text editor with features useful for programmers or those just needing a replacement for the Notepad application.

#22: DocPad for Windows
DocPad is a freeware alternative to the Windows Notepad application with support for skins, multiple levels of undo, and text sorting.

#23: Notepad2 for Windows
Notepad2 is an open-source Notepad replacement geared towards programmers with support for syntax highlighting, block indentation, and multiple levels of undo.

#24: Metapad for Windows
Metapad is a small open-source Notepad replacement for Windows with features such as space-to-tab conversion and block indents.

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