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Image Resizer and HTML Page Creator

SUMMARY: ThumbNailer can resize your images and optionally create HTML galleries. Many customization options are available.

ThumbNailer is an image resizing application for Windows. The software can resize images, saving the results in a variety of formats including .png, .jpg, and .tiff. Multiple resize options include "Auto Crop", "Best Fit" for maintaining proportions, "Exact Size", and "Percent". Simply choose the source and destination directories, the desired image size, output settings, and click the "Start" button to resize the images.

Accessing the "More Options" button provides advanced features such as outputting web pages with the thumbnails. A multitude of options include changing the font, body tag colors, image hspace and vspace, table appearance, label appearances for the next and previous pages, as well as text inside the <head>, <title>, <body>, and <img> tags, and more.

Resizing images via ThumbNailer

Other options include the naming style for output filenames, filters to include or exclude multimedia formats or exclude images that are too large or too small, the resizing algorithm, showing a background matte and beveled edges, adding images and text overlays / watermarks, creating composite images, and color management.

A trial of the software may be downloaded at the following site:

* ThumbNailer

This tip was written regarding ThumbNailer v10.0.1.4 running on a Windows XP system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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