SUMMARY: Tips for older versions of the Eudora email client (not Eudora OSE). Topics include configuration, plug-ins, the address book, and more.

Hiding the Explorer-Style Mailbox View

Do you have the list of mailboxes on your screen in an Explorer-style view? Just right-click the view and select "Hide." Selecting "Tools," then "View Mailboxes" brings the mailbox view back.

Turning Off Warnings When Sending Attachments

Do you often send large file attachments with Eudora and are growing tired of seeing the dialog box appearing asking you if you *really* want to send the attached file? Remove this warning by choosing the "Tools" menu, selecting "Options." Scroll down to "Extra Warnings" and uncheck "Queue a message bigger than..."

Keep Copies of Sent Mail

There are two ways you can keep copies of mail that you send. The normal, default way, is to have sent mail transferred to the "Out" box. You can disable this by choosing "Tools," then "Options," then "Sending Mail" and unchecking "Keep copies." You can also have mail that you send appear in the Inbox. To do so, choose "Tools," "Options," "Replying," then check "Include yourself" under "When replying to all."

Ignore Styled Text

Tired of seeing "fancy" E-Mail with different fonts, colors, and styles? If you like plain, ordinary E-Mail, force Eudora to ignore all of the style traits. Choose "Tools," then "Options." On the window that appears, scroll down to "Styled Text." Check "Discard styles before sending messages." Uncheck all of the checkboxes underneath "When receiving styles, pay attention to:".

Filter Reports

If you are creating new filters (for moving mail with different priorities or for removing spam), it may be useful to see how many messages with which the filter is handling. If so, choose "Tools," then "Options." On the window that appears, scroll down to "Getting Attention." Check "Generate filter report."

Compact Mailboxes

If you do a lot of sending and receiving E-Mail, Eudora may start to act slower. If so, chances are that there is some wasted space in your mail files. To reduce this wasted space, Eudora may occasionally compact the mailboxes to remove unused areas in such files. To perform this task automatically, choose "Special," then "Compact Mailboxes."

Managing Mailing Lists

Both Eudora and Eudora Light have excellent abilities to handle multiple one-way mailing lists. The best way I have seen to manage such mailing lists with this software is to do the following:

Setting up the list:

1. Open the "Nicknames" window, and choose "New."

2. Type in the name of the mailing list.

3. In the "Address" window, type in the e-mail addresses of those who you wish to be on the mailing list, one address per line.

4. Save the list. Now, if you need to add/remove people, just add/remove their names from the Nicknames window.

Sending mail to the list:

1. Click on the "Nicknames" window, and click on the name of the mailing list.

2. Click on the "BCC" button. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy, and using this method the members of the mailing list will not see anyone else's e-mail address.

3. A new mail message window will show up. In the "TO" field, type in the name of the mailing list and your e-mail address in brackets.

4. Type in the subject, and type in the message.

5. Send the message the normal way.

Note that this is much more complicated than if you use mailing list software such as Arrow, ListServ, or Majordomo. If you don't have access to such software, though, this is the next best thing.

Pro - Sort Text

Ever need to display a sorted list of information in your electronic mail? Don't bother opening your word processor, dos prompt, or text sorter to format the text in the right order. Just type in your list and select it with your mouse. Choose "Edit" menu, select "Message Plug-Ins," and choose "Sort."

Attaching Files

Although mentioned briefly in the documentation, many people do not realize that by simply dragging a file from the Explorer and dropping it on a mail message, you can attach that file to the message. You can drag & drop multiple files, if desired.

Edit Your Old E-Mail

If you file a lot of mail, there will be times where you would like to edit the filed mail. You don't want to change the actual text, but there may be times where you would like to emphasize a line of text by changing its color, font size, etc. To do so, just open up a mail message that you have received and click on the pencil icon on the message toolbar.

Quote Prewritten Text

If you use several E-Mail packages, or if you use Eudora in conjunction with a shell prompt E-Mail program such as PINE, you may be reading E-Mail with one program and writing mail with Eudora. Thus, when replying to messages, you need to denote, with '>' characters, the text that you are quoting from the previous message. Don't add the '>' quote characters yourself. Paste the text into the mail message and highlight it with your mouse. Choose the "Edit" menu, selecting "Paste As Quotation.

Quickly Add Addresses to the Address Book

Don't manually add E-Mail addresses to your address book. When you receive a message and you wish to add the sender's address to the address book, first open the message. Choose the "Special" menu, selecting "Make Address Book Entry." A dialog box will appear allowing you to alter the name of the address book entry. Decide how you want the entry named and press "OK".

Pro - Fix Pre-wrapped Text

You may sometimes receive e-mail messages where the text is word-wrapped prematurely, or you may paste text into an E-mail message that is prematurely word-wrapped. Remove these extra hard returns. Highlight the text, choose the "Edit" menu, select "Message Plug-Ins," and choose "Unwrap Text."

Pro- Maintain Plug-Ins

Some downloadable Eudora message plug-ins may have configurable settings. To change them, select the "Special" menu, choosing "Message Plug-In Settings."

When to use Redirect

Why should you use "Redirect" instead of "Forward" when sending a message to someone else? When you redirect a message to someone else and that person replies to the message, the reply is set up to go to the original sender. When you merely forward a message to someone else, the reply is set up to go to you, the forwarder. Also, when you forward a message, the forwarded message is formatted with '>' quote symbols. When you redirect a message, it is not reformatted.

To forward a message, choose the "Message" menu, selecting "Forward." To redirect a message, choose the "Message" menu, selecting "Redirect."

Sorting Messages

You can quickly sort messages by sender, date, subject, whether or not it has an attachment or not, etc. Just click on the button column headings in a mailbox.

Integrated Notepad

Ever need to write up a quick memo when running Eudora? Don't run Notepad - Eudora has an integrated Notepad. Just click the "File" menu, choosing "New Text File."

Show or Hide E-Mail Headers

Normally, when you read electronic mail, all you want to see is the date of the message, who the message is from, who the message is to, and the subject of the message. There may be times when you need to see more of the e-mail headers, such as what servers were used to deliver the message. To do so, just open an E-Mail message, and click the "Blah Blah Blah" button to toggle viewing the full message headers.

Pro - Correct Sentence Capitalization

Ever receive an e-mail message in all upper or lower case? If you reply to the mail and quote the text, the single-cased e-mail may drive you crazy. Let Eudora convert the text to the proper capitalization. Select the text with your mouse, choose the "Edit" menu, select "Message Plug-Ins," and choose "Sentence case."

Pro - Force Eudora to Ask For Your Password

If you want, Eudora to 'forget' that it knows your password, you can force it to ask for your password the next time that authorization is necessary. This may be useful in several scenarios. If you use your computer for a while, you may want to have Eudora remember your password so it does not keep asking for it every time you check your mail. Then, if you need to leave your computer, you can have Eudora 'forget' your password to help prevent unauthorized server mail access.

To have Eudora forget your password, select the "Special" menu, choosing "Forget Password(s)."

Prioritize Your Mail

If you receive a lot of E-Mail, you may want to prioritize mail that needs to be responded ASAP, and mail that can wait a while for a response. Just right-click a mail message in your Inbox, selecting "Change Priority," and then your desired E-Mail priority.

Quickly Transfer Mail Between Mailboxes

To quickly transfer a piece of electronic mail between mailboxes, just right-click the mail message, select "Transfer," and click on the desired mailbox.

Pro V3.0 - Have Eudora Finish Keying a Nickname

When entering a mail message, do you remember just part of the person's nickname in your address book? Type in part of the name and have Eudora finish the rest by selecting the "Edit" menu and choosing "Finish Address Book Entry." If Eudora beeps, then it is telling you that more than one nickname matches the partial nickname that you entered. Type in some more characters from the nickname and try again.

Pro V3.0 - Who Does That Nickname Refer?

If you type a mail message and use a Eudora Address Book nickname in the "To:" field, you may need to see exactly who that nickname refers as it may refer to more than one person. Don't open up the Address Book window. Hold down the SHIFT key, choose the "Edit" menu, and select "Finish Address Book Entry." The nickname will be replaced to whom the nickname actually refers.

Helping Someone Diagnose Your Eudora Troubles

Having problems with Eudora? It may have something to do with your system configuration. If you are talking to someone by electronic mail and they are trying to solve your problems, offer to send your system configuration to them. If they need or want to see this information, you can send it by opening a new message, selecting the "Help" menu, and choosing "Insert System Configuration." Only send system information to someone that you trust!

Pro - Customize Your Eudora Toolbar

How do you customize your Eudora toolbar? It's simple. Just right-click on the toolbar and choose "Customize." You can then add buttons to your customized toolbar by dragging them from the customization window to your toolbar. To remove toolbar buttons, drag them from your toolbar to the customization window.

Compact Just One Mailbox

Instead of compacting all of your mailboxes to reduce wasted space (which can take time), you may want to compact just the current mailbox. To do so, click on the button on the lower left-hand corner of the mailbox window if it can be clicked. If it cannot be clicked (it is grayed), the current mailbox is already compact.

A Warning About Received File Attachments

Be careful when you receive an E-Mail message with a file attachment. Unless the attachment is from a trusted source, do not immediately execute it! Some file attachments can contain viruses or Trojan horses that can do really nasty things to your system. Some can actually send information from your system over the Internet. If you do need to execute a file attachment, virus scan it first.

Organize Your Onscreen Mailboxes

Do you have a lot of overlapping mailboxes on the screen? Organize them by tiling the windows. Just choose the "Window" menu, selecting "Tile Horizontal" or "Tile Vertical" according to your preferences.

Remove the Splash Screen

If you would like to remove the "splash screen" when loading Eudora (the screen that shows Eudora in big letters with the credits, etc.), all you need to do is a simple initialization file edit. Before running Eudora, do the following:

Run Notepad and load EUDORA.INI from your Eudora directory. Resave the file as EUDORAINI.BAK. This is to backup your initialization file in case horror strikes. Reload EUDORA.INI. Under the section [Settings] add the line:


Save EUDORA.INI and the run Eudora. If all goes right, the splash screen is gone. If not, then the splash screen remained and you can try removing it later. If things went REALLY bad, rename EUDORAINI.BAK to EUDORA.INI.

Eudora 3.0 - Interesting Credits Easter Egg

Open up Eudora 3.0.Choose "Help," selecting "About Eudora." On the dialog box that appears, click the "More Credits" button to get a list of the people behind Eudora. Hold down the CONTROL key while the credits display to read a different take on the people behind the product.

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