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USB Drumming Santa Claus

SUMMARY: Santa hooked up to your computer's USB port - a new holiday tradition.

If you still have a USB port free after hooking up a keyboard, mouse, webcam, digital camera memory reader, printer, scanner, and media player, perhaps this device might add some holiday cheer.

USB Geek, a purveyor of all types of USB devices including thermometers, fans, and a mini-fridge, offers a miniature drumming Santa Claus. Playing four Christmas songs, this USB Santa drums along to the music while LED lights flash. No software is required - this device is literally plug and play.

For those fellow officemates who have had enough Christmas cheer when you bring this into your cubicle and leave it running all day <g>, there is an on/off switch.

USB Drumming Santa Claus - http://www.usbgeek.com/prod_detail.php?prod_id=0703

Image from USB Geek

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