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Web Browsers
Help and Tips

Tips, tricks, and technical support for a variety of web browsers. Topics include browser customization and optimization, increasing security, adjusting default search engines, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Google Chrome

Tips on installing, using, and configuring the Google Chrome web browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Look here for many tips and tricks on using the Microsoft / Windows Internet Explorer web browser. Tips for versions 6 through 8, plus older are provided.

Mozilla Firefox

Browse the web using Mozilla Firefox? Tips on downloading the browser, customizing Firefox, altering pop-up window settings, changing search engines, and more.


Tips for Opera, a freeware web browser for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows, with support for mouse gestures, a password manager, and voice-control.

Safari for Windows

Tips on downloading and configuring Apple's Safari web browser for Windows PCs.

#1: 7 Reasons People Tell You Not to Switch Web Browsers
A variety of reasons people may encourage you not to try a different web browser when surfing the Internet.

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Defines the term firewall, explains how a firewall can help increase computer security and prevent identity theft, and provides links to download firewall software.

Removing Spyware and Adware

Stop suffering computer troubles caused by spyware! Browser hijacked? Mysterious pop-up windows appearing? Afraid your usage is being tracked? We have over 200 anti-spyware tips to help solve these problems.

Search Engine

Advice on searching the web. Help with search engine syntax, advanced search engine features, filtering search engine results, and more.

Sites to Browse

Some entertaining websites, some informative ones, some may even be useful, and others we have no idea how to categorize them.

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