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Display Detailed System Information with WinAudit

SUMMARY: Display the computer BIOS version, system uptime, an open port report, a list of running applications, and much more with WinAudit.

WinAudit is a freeware system auditing application for Windows 95 and up (the software also comes in a Unicode version requiring Windows NT 4.0 and up). Distributed as a .ZIP archive, WinAudit consists of a single executable and can be run from USB drives.

The huge array of information WinAudit provides includes a list of installed software and peripherals, security details including a list of open ports, a report on scheduled tasks, system uptime, a list of startup and running applications, system specs including the BIOS version, a log of errors - application, Internet, security, and system, and much, much more.

WinAudit displaying drive usage in a bar chart

Audit reports can be printed, e-mailed, or saved in a variety of formats such as a PDF file, comma-delimited file, tab-delimited text file, plaint-text file, web page, or XML file. The audit also can be exported to a database by choosing the data source name or directly to a Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle database.

WinAudit may be downloaded at the following address:

* WinAudit:

This tip was written regarding WinAudit v2.28.2. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions may vary.

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