Windows 7

Disable Window Docking, Maximizing, Minimizing Animations

SUMMARY: Prevent Windows 7 from displaying animations when docking, maximizing, and minimizing windows.

In Windows 7, when you move windows to the sides or top of the screen, a quick animation occurs and the windows maximize or dock to the side. While automatic docking and maximizing can be disabled, what if you want to keep this feature but hate the animation? With this tweak, when automatic docking and maximizing is about to occur, Windows 7 will just display a rectangle signifying the dimensions of the maximized / docked window.

1. Click the Start button, selecting "Control Panel".

Internet Explorer 8 docked on the left side of the Windows 7 Desktop

2. If you are using an expanded Control Panel, select "System".

Otherwise click "System and Security", then "System".

3. In the left pane, select "Advanced system settings".

4. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, click "Yes".

5. The "System Properties" multi-tabbed dialog box appears. Click the "Advanced" tab.

6. Underneath "Performance", click the "Settings" button.

Accessing Performance Settings in Windows 7.

7. The "Performance Options" multi-tabbed dialog box appears. Make sure the "Visual Effects" tab is selected.

8. Click the "Custom" radio button if it is not already selected, then uncheck "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing".

Preventing Windows 7 from animating window minimizing and maximizing - this also includes docking windows

9. Click "OK" on the dialog boxes to close them.

This tip was written for Windows 7 RC. Screenshots and information are subject to change between this and the official release of Windows 7.

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