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Windows 7

Send Files To Any Application via Right Click Menu

SUMMARY: Modify Windows 7's "Send To" menu to send files to other applications including Notepad.

Since many file types do not have associated programs and you may not want to set up associations for all of them, it may prove useful to try determining the contents by viewing or editing such files in Notepad or another text editor.

To aid with this, right-click on a file in Windows 7 and a "Send To" menu appears. Select this option and you can copy the file to the Desktop as a shortcut, compress the file, send it to an attached CD/DVD drive (if applicable), and other options may be present. Why not add Notepad or your desired text editor to this list for easy access?

A modified Windows 7 "Send to" menu, with Notepad and Notepad++ available

(Note that this tip is similar to the Windows Vista instructions for modifying the "Send To" folder.)

A) Either Navigate to the following folder in Explorer:

C:\Users\ [YOUR_USERNAME] \ AppData \ Roaming \Microsoft \Windows \SendTo

(Replace [YOUR_USERNAME] with your Windows username.)

B) Or, enter the following into a location bar in Explorer, then press Enter:


If you want to remove an item from the "Send to" menu, just right-click an item and choose "Delete", or select an item and press the Del key, etc.

To add an item to the menu, create a new shortcut:

1. Right-click on an empty area and select "New" - "Shortcut".

Creating a shortcut that will appear in the "Send to" folder when right-clicking a file in Windows 7

2. The "Create Shortcut" dialog box appears. If you don't know the name and/or location of the desired application, click "Browse". Or if you do, you can type it in directly, for example:


3. Click "Next", then "Finish" to create your shortcut.

Now you can view configuration files, log files, web pages, or other plain-text data files in Notepad or your defined tool, no matter the file extension.

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