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Display a Seemingly Hidden or Off Screen Window or Application

SUMMARY: Several ways you can make a seemingly-hidden or off-screen Windows 7 application or window appear in view.

In Windows 7, have you ever opened an application or window, seen it appear in the Taskbar, yet the window or application is not visible on the Desktop?

Due to a mis-configuration, switching of screen resolutions, or switching back and forth between using multiple monitors, it is possible for a window / application to appear at a location not currently visible on your Desktop. In Windows XP, right-clicking on a window's Taskbar icon opened a menu that you could use to move it back. However, in Windows 7, right-clicking on these Taskbar icons do not pull up such menus. Thus, how can you make the windows / applications visible again?

A. Access the "Move" menu via the keyboard

Moving a window that has been hiding back into view on the Windows 7 Desktop

1. Click on an icon in the Taskbar that represents a hidden window / application.

2. Press Alt + Space, then M.

3. Press and hold down the left cursor key for a few seconds. Try the up cursor key. This should move the window back to a visible position on your Windows XP Desktop.

B. Restore or maximize the window

While right-clicking the Taskbar icon itself does not pull up a "Restore" or "Maximize" menu item, right-clicking on the thumbnail preview on an icon does.

1. Hover over an icon to display its preview.

2. Right-click the preview.

3. Select "Restore" or "Maximize" from the pop-up menu that appears.

Restoring a hidden window via a right-click menu of its thumbnail preview

C. Move the window

1. Click the Taskbar icon.

2. Then, hover over the icon to display its preview.

3. Right-click the preview.

4. Select "Move" from the pop-up menu that appears.

5. From here you may be able to use the cursor keys as mentioned above to move the window back to the displayable area.

D. Using the keyboard Windows keys

Windows 7 lets you dock, maximize, and minimize windows via keyboard shortcuts. Use this to your advantage.

Click the Taskbar icon representing the hidden window. Then press Windows + Left-Cursor or Windows + Right-Cursor a few times, and the window should reappear on the Desktop.

Making a previously-hidden Internet Explorer window reappear on the Desktop

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