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Windows 7

Move the Taskbar

SUMMARY: Move the Windows 7 Taskbar to the top, bottom or side of the screen.

* For the Windows XP version of this tip, visit XP: Move the Taskbar.

* For the Windows Vista version of this tip, visit Vista: Move the taskbar.

The Windows 7 taskbar defaults to the bottom of the screen. Many people may argue that this position is the one most convenient to them. However, one of the first questions some new users have, especially if they are used to other operating systems such as the Mac, is how to move the taskbar around the screen to the top, left, or right side?

Windows 7 provides a couple of ways. Both will readjust your currently open windows after movement, and you only have to perform the moving once.

1. Right-click an empty area of the taskbar and uncheck "Lock the taskbar".

2. Click and hold the left mouse button down on an empty area of the taskbar. KEEP THE BUTTON HELD DOWN. Then drag the taskbar to one of the four sides of the screen.

3. Right-click an empty area of the taskbar and re-check "Lock the taskbar"


1. Instead of unlocking and dragging the taskbar, right-click an empty area of the taskbar and choose "Properties".

2. The "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" dialog box appears. Next to "Taskbar location on screen", click the pull-down and choose "Bottom", "Left", "Right", or "Top".

Move the Windows 7 taskbar to the top of the screen

3. Click "OK" to close the dialog box.

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