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Force Notepad or Other Applications to Always Run Full Screen

SUMMARY: Tired of your Windows 7 applications not taking up the whole screen?

Applications in Windows 7 run as ... well .. windows. They don't have to take up the full screen, allowing you to view the contents of multiple folders or applications simultaneously. You can move windows around, resize them, minimize them, etc.

However, there may be some applications that you would rather have take up the whole display whenever you start them. For example, if you open Notepad you would rather have the whole screen available for you to edit data - the same with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. Or, perhaps you have a smaller monitor and need the full display every time you open up a web browser. Here's a tip that works with most applications.

(Note that this tip is very similar to how to run Internet Explorer 9 in full-screen mode from the Taskbar, but explains how to do this with other applications and from shortcuts accessed via the Start menu.)

1. You need to access the shortcut from the Start Menu or Taskbar that starts your application:

* Click the "Start" button, select "All Programs", and find your application shortcut. Right-click it and choose "Properties".

You may also be able to click the "Start" button, type in the name of your application, right-click it, and choose "Properties".

If "Open File Location" appears in the pop-up menu, you have found a shortcut. Otherwise, you have found the application's executable. You need to find the shortcut.

Or, if the shortcut is pinned to your Taskbar, right-click the taskbar button, then right-click the program name, and then choose "Properties".

2. As long as you selected a shortcut and not the program's actual executable, a "Properties" dialog should appear similar to the screenshot below.

Click the pull-down next to "Run" and select "Maximized" from the pop-up menu.

Configuring the Google Chrome shortcut in the Windows 7 Taskbar to run maximized

3. Click "OK" to close the "Properties" dialog box.

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