Windows 7

Title Bar Tricks and Tips Including Keyboard Shortcuts

SUMMARY: Other ways to maximize windows and bring up window options in Windows 7.

Here are a couple of tricks with window title bars in Windows 7 - some of these tips may work in other Windows versions:

* Double-click the title bar of a window to maximize it (if the current window supports maximizing). Double-click the title bar again to restore the window to its previous size.

*Right-click on the title bar to bring up a list of options. These will probably include options such as "Close" and "Minimize," but DOS windows will give other useful options such as editing the layout, font, and colors, as well as allowing you to mark text for copying and pasting.

Editing a DOS window's colors via the window's title bar

* If you like keyboard shortcuts, pressing Alt + Space while in a window also brings up the window menu, allowing for the following shortcuts:

Alt+Space, R - Restore a window
Alt+Space, M - Move a window
Alt+Space, S - Resize a window
Alt+Space, N - Minimize a window
Alt+Space, X - Maximize a window
Alt+Space, C (or Alt+F4) - Close a window

Besides impressing your friends and possibly saving you time by not having to keep switching from the keyboard to the mouse, these shortcuts may also help you display a seemingly hidden or off-screen window or application.

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