Windows Media Player 11

Download Visualizations

SUMMARY: Download visualization animations that display when multimedia files are played with Windows Media Player 11.

Windows Media Player 11 comes built-in with several groups of visualization animations that can appear when multimedia files are played such as Alchemy and Battery. Or, album art can display.

If you want a greater variety of visualizations in Windows Media Player 11, you can download new ones:

1. Switch to Media Player's full mode by pressing Ctrl + 1.

2. Right-click on the Windows Media Player 11 title bar, choosing "Tools" - "Download" - "Visualizations".

Download new Visualizations for Windows Media Player 11

3. Your default web browser will open with a "Visualizations for Windows Media Player" page that lists various visualizations you may download. Click the "Download" link next to a desired visualization to save the installer to your hard drive, then double-click the installer and follow the on-screen prompts to install the new visualization.

Some visualizations on this page may not work for your system based on your graphics card or other reasons. For example, Psychedelia Viz Pack failed on a test machine. Color Cubes and Pulsing Colors worked fine on the machine. Your experience with each visualization may vary.

4. Once you have downloaded and installed a visualization, play a multimedia file and click the "Now Playing" button. Right-click the visualization area and choose a visualization to play.

The following website offers more visualizations to download: -

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