Windows 2000 and DOS Help and Tips

Combining the power of DOS and Windows 2000. Tweaking the prompt, resetting your Internet connection, developing replacement commands, and more.

#1: Reset Your High-Speed Internet Connection
These DOS commands for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 may help revive an Internet connection that has temporarily gone dead.

#2: Why DOS is Even Better with Windows 2000
A few tips on how DOS commands have been enhanced in Windows 2000 to make you more productive.

#3: No Deltree Command?
A Windows 2000 or Windows XP replacement for the Deltree command can be found here.

#4: Changing DOS command Window Titles
Give your DOS command windows in Windows 2000 different titles. Useful if you multitask.

#5: Executing a Shortcut
Run a Windows 2000 shortcut's destination application or folder from the DOS prompt.

#6: Write a Mini Batch File On the Command Line
Combine several DOS commands on one line with Windows 2000.

#7: Change a User's Password
Modify a user's password from the Windows 2000 DOS prompt or batch file.

#8: What Files are Associated?
Here's a quick way, using DOS, to find out what filetypes are associated with software in Windows 2000.

#9: Quickly Preview a Font
This batch file can help you preview your Windows 2000 font collection.

#10: Create an Extended CD Command
Create a change directory command in Windows 2000 that works across drives. This works for Windows XP, too.

#11: Execute One Command if Another Succeeded
Create Windows 2000 batch files where one command executes only if a previous command ran successfully.

#12: Right-Click Copy and Paste
Enable easy right-click copying and pasting between CMD DOS consoles and other Windows 2000 applications.

#13: DOS Text Editors Are Still Here!
Your favorite DOS editors are still around with Windows 2000.

#14: MSD Replacement
Access Windows 2000's replacement for the MSD command from the DOS prompt.

#15: Execute One Command if Another Fails
Create error-checking Windows 2000 batch files with this IF-THEN-like construct.

#16: Get a List of Commands
Here's how to get a list of available DOS commands in Windows 2000.

#17: Change the Colors Programmatically
Create Windows 2000 batch files that can really get your attention by changing the DOS prompt colors.

#18: Simulate a Dice Roll
Simulate a dice roll with Windows 2000 and DOS. This article provides tips on the expanded 'set' command as well as how to use the %random% environment variable.

#19: Save the Current Directory Name
Windows 2000: Saving and retrieving the current directory names through the DOS CMD window.

#20: Auto-Complete Paths and Filenames
Let Windows 2000 automatically complete your keyed-in paths and filenames.

#21: Programmatically Change Window Titles
Learn this batch file tip to create DOS CMD windows under Windows 2000 with user-specified titles.

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