Windows 2000 Taskbar - Toolbar Help and Tips

Help for using the Windows 2000 taskbar and QuickLaunch area.

#1: Programs Menu Taking Too Much Room?
Shrink the size of your Windows 2000 Programs Menu even if you have tons of programs installed.

#2: Display Programs Menu in Alphabetical Order
Make it easier on yourself to find a desired Windows 2000 software program.

#3: Show More on your Taskbar
Show more currently running programs on your Windows 2000 toolbar.

#4: Hide the Taskbar Clock
Ditch the Windows 2000 taskbar clock to save room for more on your taskbar.

#5: Put the Desktop in your Taskbar
How to put shortcut links to your Desktop in the Windows 2000 taskbar.

#6: Control Panel in Start Menu
Make your Windows 2000 Control Panel easier to access.

#7: Smaller Start Menu
Shrink the size of your Start menu to save screen real estate.

#8: Make your Documents Easier to Reach
Make the My Documents folder easier to access from the Start menu.

#9: Manipulate the QuickLaunch Taskbar Area
Access your most-used applications faster by learning how to manipulate the Windows 2000 QuickLanch area.

#10: Favorites in Start Menu
View your favorite web pages directly from the Start menu.

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