Windows 95 Help and Tips

All kinds of Windows 95 tips can be found here. Bookmark this page - there are hundreds of tips to read.

Windows 95 - Communications and the Internet

This category includes tips and tricks for all kinds of networking questions, including configuring your modem correctly, networking with other PCs, and using the Internet.

Windows 95 - Explorer - Drives - Folders - Files

Tips involving files, drives, folders, and the Explorer in Windows 95. Issues include defragmentation, folder paths, directory trees, and more.

Windows 95 - Multimedia

Tips for all kinds of Windows multimedia, including audio, video, CDs, fonts, and screensavers. If you need help managing your multimedia, or if you can't get multimedia files to work, this is the place to look!

Windows 95 - Using DOS

Are you a "power user?" If so, and if you use DOS features inside of Windows, visit this category for help, tips, and tricks.

Windows 95 and the Mouse

Tips and help regarding using the mouse with Windows 95.

Windows 95 File Removal - Uninstall - Recycle Bin

This category includes Windows 95 help on removing files, uninstalling applications, and using (or making inoperable) your Recycle Bin.

Windows 95 General Troubleshooting

General Windows 95 troubleshooting issues, including dealing with program crashes, displaying detailed system information, creating a boot disk, and more.

Windows 95 Help System

This category contains tips on using the Windows 95 help system.

Windows 95 Icons

Creating icons from bitmaps, lining up icons, and more.

Windows 95 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are a Windows 95 "power user", you should check out this category to learn about keyboard shortcuts that will save you time.

Windows 95 Misc

Here are a bunch of Windows 95 tips that don't fit any other category, or we just haven't yet moved them into other categories. This is a great smorgasborg of tips!

Windows 95 Notepad - Wordpad

If you use Notepad or Wordpad to edit small documents with Windows 95, you ought to check out this category for help and tips.

Windows 95 Printing

Windows 95 tips for printing in computer labs, printing to a text file, and saving print jobs for later printing.

Windows 95 Reboot and Shutdown

Tips on starting your computer without running Windows 95, shutting down Explorer but not rebooting your computer, and more.

Windows 95 Searching - Finding

Can't find what you are looking for on your Windows 95 computer? Read this category for help.

Windows 95 Taskbar - Toolbar

This category contains help on the Windows 95 Taskbar - Toolbar including the Documents menu, the Programs menu, and more.

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File Extensions

Explains DOS/Windows file extensions, how to view files of various extensions, and why unexpected file extensions can cause security risks.


Defines the term firewall, explains how a firewall can help increase computer security and prevent identity theft, and provides links to download firewall software.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Look here for many tips and tricks on using the Microsoft / Windows Internet Explorer web browser. Tips for versions 6 through 8, plus older are provided.

Removing Spyware and Adware

Stop suffering computer troubles caused by spyware! Browser hijacked? Mysterious pop-up windows appearing? Afraid your usage is being tracked? We have over 200 anti-spyware tips to help solve these problems.

Windows 95 Legacy Tips

Miscellaneous Tips for Windows 95

Windows 95 Legacy Tips (Part 2)

More tips and tricks for Windows 95.

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