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Windows 95 Keyboard Shortcuts
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If you are a Windows 95 "power user", you should check out this category to learn about keyboard shortcuts that will save you time.

#1: F5 Redraws the Desktop
Refresh the Windows desktop with a keystroke. Works on Windows 95, Vista, 7, etc.

#2: Who Needs a Mouse?
Use "Mouse Keys" to navigate Windows 95 with your keyboard instead of a mouse.

#3: Quick Bold, Italic, and Underline
Here's how to quickly bold, italicize, or underline your text without moving your hands from the keyboard to the mouse.

#4: Jump to the Beginning or End of a Document
Quickly navigate documents in many Windows 95 programs with the keyboard.

#5: Navigating Menus with Cursor Keys
Keyboard shortcuts to navigate menus in many Windows 95 software programs.

#6: Opening the Start Menu without a Windows Keyboard
Access the Windows Start Menu with the keyboard if you don't have a special Windows key.

#7: Switching Tabs with the Keyboard
Jump between tabs in multi-tab dialog boxes in many Windows 95 software packages.

#8: Access Window Menu with a Keystroke
Access a window's menu with a keyboard shortcut instead of the mouse.

#9: Getting out of Subfolders with a Keystroke
Windows 95 keyboard shortcut to jump to a folder's parent.

#10: Another Way to Get an Icon's Properties
Access a Windows 95 icon's properties with this combo keyboard-mouse shortcut.

#11: Find Files Quickly
A keyboard shortcut to activate Windows 95's find files or folders dialog box.

#12: Different Kind of Task Switching
Another Windows 95 keyboard shortcut for switching between active tasks.

#13: Select Files by Letter
Select a file in Windows 95 by typing its first letter.

#14: Selecting Multiple Files
Select multiple files in Windows 95 Explorer simultaneously.

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