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Windows 95 Taskbar - Toolbar
Help and Tips

This category contains help on the Windows 95 Taskbar - Toolbar including the Documents menu, the Programs menu, and more.

#1: Temporarily Remove the Taskbar
Temporarily hide Windows 95's taskbar.

#2: View the Desktop - Minimize Windows
Hide all your open windows from the Windows 95 taskbar so you can see the Desktop.

#3: Re-enable the Smooth Gliding Taskbar
Smooth the graphics display of Windows 95's taskbar AutoHide feature.

#4: Remove "Documents" Menu Items
Clear older documents from Windows 95 Start Menu's "Documents" menu.

#5: Tile or Cascade the Windows
Organize your open windows from the taskbar.

#6: Start Menu Sluggish?
Is your Windows 95 Start menu slow? This tip may pep it up.

#7: Shrink the Start Menu Icons
Shrink the icons displayed in the main menu of the "Start" menu.

#8: Taskbar Moves Slowly
Speed up Windows 95's taskbar AutoHide feature.

#9: Switching Keyboard Languages on the System Tray
Add the ability to switch keyboard languages from the Windows 95 taskbar.

#10: Drag & Drop Involving Taskbar
Drag and drop to a covered window by using Windows 95's taskbar.

#11: Close Programs Quickly From Taskbar
A mouse shortcut to close windows directly from the Windows 95 taskbar.

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