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Windows Defender
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Besides scanning for and removing spyware, Windows Defender has auto-prevention mechanisms that help prevent spyware and adware from installing and running in the first place.

#1: Be Careful Running Alongside Other Anti-Spyware Tools
Windows Defender may record false alarms if used with other anti-spyware tools.

#2: Where Are the Advanced Tools?
Where are the Advanced Tools in Windows Defender that used to be in Microsoft AntiSpyware?

#3: Where to Download to Remove Spyware
Download the Windows Defender software to help remove spyware, adware, and other rogue software from your computer.

#4: Where is Microsoft AntiSpyware?
Where can I find the Microsoft AntiSpyware product?

#5: The Beta Will Expire
Keep Windows Defender up-to-date as the beta version will stop working at the end of December, 2006.

#6: Remove Threats From Ignore List
Determine that ignored threats Microsoft AntiSpyware finds should actually be removed from your system?

#7: View or Disable Programs Running at Startup
Window Defender lets you view programs set to run when Windows starts; you can disable unknown entries if desired

#8: Toggle Displaying the Tray Icon
Force the Windows Defender tray icon to appear on your taskbar or hide it when no actions are being taken.

#9: Prevent a False Alarm From Appearing in Future Scans
Is a false alarm appearing when you scan your machine for spyware and rogue software? Tell Windows Defender to forget about it.

#10: You Have to Validate Windows
Make sure you have a valid installation of Microsoft Windows before trying to download Windows Defender.

#11: Cookies Are Not Scanned
Why Windows Defender will not scan for cookies.

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