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Windows Internet Explorer 9
Help and Tips

Configuration and usage tips for version 9 of the Internet Explorer web browser.

#1: Printing Pages via Links without Visiting Them First
Print the target webpages of hyperlinks without having to visit them first in IE9.

#2: Always Start in Full Screen / Kiosk Mode from Windows 7 Taskbar
Need full screen web browsing via Internet Explorer 9, free of distractions? Force the Windows 7 Taskbar button to open Internet Explorer in full-screen / kiosk mode.

#3: Test out a Website in Different Display Sizes
When developing a website and testing it with Internet Explorer 9, see how pages appear in different window sizes.

#4: Get a List of All Links From a Webpage
Find a web page with a lot of useful links and want to display just the list of them with no added fluff? Display a Link Report from Windows Internet Explorer 9.

#5: Stop Showing the New Tab Page!
When creating a new tab inside Internet Explorer 9, show a blank page instead of the default New Tab page that lists your most popular sites.

#6: Start with a Blank Home Page
Start Internet Explorer 9 without going to a webpage by using a blank home page. Also explains how this may not be possible and a potential workaround.

#7: No Warning When Closing Multiple Tabs?
If you accidentally close all tabs in Internet Explorer 9 and no warning is displayed, turn it back on.

#8: Change the Search Provider From Bing to Another Service
Configure Internet Explorer 9 to use a different search service other than Bing.

#9: Allow Different Zoom Levels and Text Sizes
Internet Explorer 9 keeps your current zoom level and text size when opening up new tabs or windows. If you prefer to have different settings, make this tweak.

#10: Add a Website Shortcut to the Start Menu
Add a shortcut to the currently-viewed website to the Windows Start Menu.

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