Windows Live Mail Help and Tips

Tips and help for installing and configuring the Windows Live Mail software for Windows. This supports e-mail, calendars, newsgroups, and RSS feeds.

#1: Configure Whether to Always or Never Send Read Receipts
If you tire of seeing read receipt prompts, configure Windows Live Mail to either always send receipts without prompting or ignore the requests.

#2: Send Email in Text Format, Even Replies
Configure Windows Live Mail to use the more-compatible plain text format when writing e-mails.

#3: Stop Including Messages in a Reply
For personal preference or due to potentially large message lengths, keep Windows Live Mail from including original e-mails in replies.

#4: Do Not Send and Receive Messages When Starting
Prevent Windows Live Mail from automatically sending and receiving messages at startup.

#5: Do Not Read Messages in HTML
Force Windows Live Mail to render all messages as plain text.

#6: Keyboard Shortcuts for Main Areas
Switch between viewing Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Feeds, and Newsgroups in Windows Live Mail with these keyboard shortcuts.

#7: Change Default Font When Composing Mail and News
Use a different default font in Windows Live Mail besides 10 pt. Arial.

#8: Spell Check Before Sending
Configure Windows Live Mail to force you to deal with suspected spelling errors before sending messages.

#9: Change Level of Junk E-Mail Filtering
If too much junk e-mail is reaching your Inbox in Windows Live Mail, or if too much mail is accidentally marked as Junk, change the filtering settings.

#10: Set as the Default Mail or News Application
Configure Windows Live Mail to be the default application for Mail or News.

#11: Automatically Request Read Receipts
Request recipients to notify you whenever they read your e-mail.

#12: Stop Marking Displayed Messages As Read So Fast - Or At All
Windows Live Mail marks a message as read when previewed for one second - change this behavior.

#13: Change Where Messages are Stored
Change where messages downloaded via Windows Live Mail are stored on your computer.

#14: Stop Playing Sounds for New Messages
Prevent Windows Live Mail from playing a sound whenever a new e-mail or other message arrives.

#15: Download Windows Live Mail
Download the Windows Live Mail application to handle multiple e-mail accounts in one software package.

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