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Windows Media Player 11
Help and Tips

Advice and support for Windows Media Player 11. Topics include purchasing music and movies from online stores, tweaking the user interface, adjusting multimedia playback volume, and diagnosing streaming media issues.

#1: Change the Default Online Store
Instead of purchasing multimedia from URGE, what if you want to use a different online store?

#2: Configure File Types That Launch Media Player
Determine the types of files that, when accessed, open and play in Windows Media Player 11.

#3: Download Visualizations
Download visualization animations that display when multimedia files are played with Windows Media Player 11.

#4: Change Where Ripped Songs Are Stored
Configure Windows Media Player 11 to place ripped audio files in a different folder than your "My Music" folder.

#5: Crossfade From One Song to the Next
Fade one song into the next in Windows Media Player 11.

#6: Enable SRS WOW Effects
Enhance media playback in Windows Media Player 11 with SRS WOW 3D and TruBass effects.

#7: Toggle Downloading Usage Rights for Protected Files
Determine whether Media Player 11 should automatically try to acquire usage rights for protected files that are out-of-date or lack rights.

#8: Toggle Screensaver Display
Toggle whether or not your screensaver should appear while media files are played with Windows Media Player 11.

#9: Slow Down or Speed Up Podcasts and Audiobooks
Is a speaker talking too slow or too fast in a multimedia file? Adjust the playback speed in Windows Media Player 11.

#10: Switch Between Full, Compact, and Skin Modes
Switch how Windows Media Player 11 is displayed - with a full set of features, compact, or with a skin.

#11: Disable Video Acceleration if Experiencing Playback Problems
If videos do not display correctly in Windows Media Player 11, reduce or disable video acceleration.

#12: Multimedia Playback Keyboard Shortcuts
A list of commonly-used keyboard shortcuts when playing multimedia with Windows Media Player 11.

#13: Adjust the Volume or Mute Sounds
Easily adjust Windows Media Player 11's playback volume with your keyboard or mouse.

#14: Show or Hide the Menu Bar (Classic Menus)
View or hide Windows Media Player 11's menu bar to access features or save space for multimedia playback.

#15: Force Windows Media Player to Stay on Top
Tired of watching movies with Windows Media Player 11 and having other windows vie for your attention?

#16: Toggle Full-Screen Playback
Cover your entire screen with Windows Media Player 11 during multimedia playback.

#17: Streaming Media Playing Poorly?
If streaming media files in Windows Media Player 11 start and stop constantly, try this tip.

#18: Rolling Back to Windows Media Player 10
Want to downgrade your Windows XP machine to Windows Media Player 10?

#19: Play Media Randomly
Activate the Shuffle playback mode in Windows Media Player 11.

#20: Cannot Play DRM (Digital Rights Management) Protected Content
The following articles may assist if you are having difficulty playing protected DRM content in Windows Media Player 11.

#21: Clear the Player History
Clear the history of files opened by Windows Media Player 11.

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