Windows Media Player 12 Help and Tips

Tips and information for the Windows Media Player 12 multimedia application. Topics to include the libraries, configuration, video playback, and CD / DVD burning.

#1: Listen to Online Radio
Listen to the Blues, Country, Soft Rock, Talk Radio, and more from Windows Media Player 12.

#2: Change Where Ripped Music Files from the CD are Stored
Instead of placing music ripped from CDs via Windows Media Player 12 in your main "Music" folder, choose another location.

#3: Do Not Remove Files from the Library and the Computer
When you remove files from Windows Media Player 12's library, you will be prompted to also remove them from your computer.

#4: Change the Color of Borders Around Videos
Instead of displaying black borders around videos playing in Windows Media Player 12, change the color to blue, green, or another of your choosing.

#5: Rate Multiple Media Files Simultaneously
Rate groups of media files such as music albums, artists, or genres all at once.

#6: Burns Failing? Slow Down the Burn Speed
Force Windows Media Player 12 to use a slower burn speed to avoid errors when creating CDs and DVDs.

#7: Allow Media Player to Hover on Top of Other Windows
Force Windows Media Player 12 to display on top of other windows when in its "Now Playing" mode.

#8: Show the Menu Bar
If you are used to working with the menu bar in older versions of Windows Media Player, show it in Windows Media Player 12.

#9: Remove Libraries, Views, and Music Services from the Navigation Pane
Configure which libraries such as Music, Videos, and Pictures should appear in Windows Media Player 12's Navigation Pane. Also toggle library views and Music Services.

#10: Changing Video Size or Going Full Screen
A few keyboard shortcuts to adjust the size of a playing video in Windows Media Player 12.

#11: Buffer Additional Streaming Audio and Video for Smoother Playback
Force Windows Media Player 12 to buffer up to a minute of audio and video when playing streams to avoid breaks in playback.

#12: Allow Screensaver to Display While Playing Media Files
Allow the current screensaver to appear while playing media files in Windows Media Player 12.

#13: Toggle Hiding Playback Controls
When in the 'Now Playing' mode, Windows Media Player 12 can hide the playback controls if desired. Learn how to change this behavior.

#14: Toggle Previewing Songs When Hovering Over Them
Configure Windows Media Player 12 to play a preview of a song when you hover over it with your mouse pointer.

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