Windows Vista - Explorer Help and Tips

Navigate your hard drives and removable media using Explorer in Windows Vista. Plus, learn how to tweak Explorer folder windows.

#1: Toggle File and Folder Double Click
Toggle whether or not Windows Vista lets you open files or folders by single or double-click.

#2: Show Recent Explorer Folder Views
Display recent views in Explorer including recently-accessed directories, stacks, and search results.

#3: Stack Similar Files
When viewing folders in Explorer, stack files by type, date, size, or other options.

#4: Remove Popup Descriptions for Desktop Items
Remove popup text that appears when you hover over Desktop icons in Windows Vista.

#5: Show File Extensions
Prevent Windows Vista from hiding file extensions in Explorer, a possible security risk.

#6: Modify the SendTo Menu
Add the ability to right-click on a file and send it to a text editor, a word processor, or other application.

#7: Show Protected Operating System Files
Toggle whether Windows Vista should show protected operating system files when browsing folders in Explorer.

#8: Toggle Showing Folder Size on Hover
Toggle whether or not Windows Vista should calculate and display the size of files containined inside folders as a folder tip.

#9: Toggle Displaying Thumbnails or Icons
If thumbnails are not displaying in Windows Vista Explorer folders, or if you wish to turn off thumbnail display for speed, perform this tip.

#10: Toggle Status Bar
Toggle a status bar at the bottom of Explorer folder views in Windows Vista.

#11: Copy File or Folder Path to DOS Prompt or Windows App
Copy the name of a file or folder's path to the DOS command window, a Windows application, a text file, or other locations.

#12: Forward and Backward Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Explorer in Vista supports some of the same navigation keyboard shortcuts as those in Internet Explorer.

#13: Select All Files / Subfolders
Quickly select all files and subfolders of a folder when performing operations in Windows Vista Explorer.

#14: Increase Stability via Separate Processes
Increase Windows Vista's stability by launching Explorer folders in separate processes.

#15: Toggle or Configure the Details Pane
Toggle the Details Pane appearing at the bottom of Explorer windows or change its size.

#16: Change Folder Picture
Choose which image Windows Vista uses to display the icon of a folder containing pictures.

#17: Toggle Displaying the Menu Bar
Toggle the menu bar display in Windows Vista Explorer folders.

#18: Partially Hide Drive Letters
Clean up the display in Windows Vista's "My Computers" folder by hiding drive letters from view.

#19: Open Folders in Separate Windows
When performing file maintenance on a Windows Vista system, consider opening separate Explorer windows.

#20: Toggle Displaying Hidden Files and Folders
Toggle displaying files previously hidden by Windows Vista.

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