Windows Vista - Windows Sidebar Help and Tips

Defines the Windows Sidebar for Windows Vista, contains Sidebar tweaks, and explains how to download and install Windows Sidebar gadgets.

#1: Configure a Windows Sidebar Gadget
Most Windows Sidebar Gadgets have configuration options you can tweak.

#2: Windows Sidebar Alternatives
Three widget / gadget alternatives to the Windows Vista Sidebar.

#3: Display Stock Updates
Add a Gadget to the Windows Vista Sidebar to view stock prices.

#4: Uninstall a Sidebar Gadget
Uninstall a Sidebar Gadget from your Windows Vista system.

#5: Add Notes Gadget
Add a Gadget to the Windows Vista Sidebar you can use to jot down a quick note or two.

#6: Change Widget Opacity
Configure whether Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets should appear slightly transparent.

#7: Show Windows Sidebar if Hidden
Temporarily force Windows Sidebar to appear in front of other Windows Vista applications and windows.

#8: Keep Windows Sidebar on Top of Other Windows
Are Windows Vista applications constantly covering the Windows Sidebar? Learn how to force the Sidebar to remain on top of other windows.

#9: Place a Gadget Directly on the Desktop
Windows Sidebar gadgets can be moved to anywhere on your Windows Vista desktop.

#10: Install a New Gadget
Add informative, entertaining, and useful visual gadgets to Windows Vista's Windows Sidebar.

#11: Close a Sidebar Gadget
Clear a Sidebar gadget from your Windows XP desktop or Windows Sidebar

#12: What is Windows Sidebar? What are Gadgets?
Basic information on Windows Vista's Sidebar and visual gadgets.

#13: Move the Sidebar to a Different Monitor
Move Windows Vista's Sidebar to another monitor if it is more convenient.

#14: Move the Sidebar to a Different Edge of the Screen
Configure Windows Vista's Sidebar to appear on the left or right-hand side of the Desktop.

#15: Enable or Disable Windows Sidebar
Turn Windows Vista's Sidebar on or off to display or hide gadgets.

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