Windows Vista Help and Tips

Windows Vista help and technical support. Topics include installation, the Explorer, managing fonts, security, the Start Menu, and the Taskbar.

Windows Vista - Disk Defragmenter

Advice on using the Disk Defragmenter tool in Windows Vista to help optimize hard drive performance.

Windows Vista - Explorer

Navigate your hard drives and removable media using Explorer in Windows Vista. Plus, learn how to tweak Explorer folder windows.

Windows Vista - Fonts

Display, print, and tweak the list of fonts available in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista - Mouse

Tweak mouse pointer settings for Windows Vista. Adjust wheel mouse speed, toggle mouse pointer trails, toggle hiding the pointer as you type, and more.

Windows Vista - Recycle Bin

Need help displaying or configuring the Recycle Bin in Windows Vista? Check out these tips.

Windows Vista - Start Menu - Taskbar - Toolbars

Tweak the Windows Vista taskbar, Start Menu, and taskbar toolbars. Includes tips on resizing the Windows Vista taskbar, displaying hidden taskbar notification icons, and more.

Windows Vista - Windows Media Center

Troubleshooting and configuration tips and support for Windows Media Center in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista - Windows Sidebar

Defines the Windows Sidebar for Windows Vista, contains Sidebar tweaks, and explains how to download and install Windows Sidebar gadgets.

Windows Vista Installation and Upgrading

Advice on installing and upgrading to the Windows Vista operating system. Topics include the differences between the Windows Vista editions and using the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

#1: Disable Tablet PC Ink and Pen Input if Not Needed
If you don't need Windows Vista's ink and pen support, turn off the unnecessary service.

#2: Disable Animations, Transparency, and Drop Shadows for Speed and Battery Usage
To increase system performance and decrease battery usage in Windows Vista, learn how to disable some or all visual effects.

#3: Configure Windows to Use or Not Use Windows Update to Find Device Drivers
Configure whether or not Windows Vista should connect to the Internet to search for device drivers via Windows Update when plugging in a new device.

#4: Do Not Automatically Restart on System Failure
Do not automatically restart Windows Vista when the system fails so you can read the debug information.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer

Look here for many tips and tricks on using the Microsoft / Windows Internet Explorer web browser. Tips for versions 6 through 8, plus older are provided.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

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Removing Spyware and Adware

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Windows Live Mail

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Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player 11

Advice and support for Windows Media Player 11. Topics include purchasing music and movies from online stores, tweaking the user interface, adjusting multimedia playback volume, and diagnosing streaming media issues.

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