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Windows XP - Outlook Express
Help and Tips

Tips on configuring and using Outlook Express in Windows XP to send and receive e-mail.

#1: View or Change Where Messages Are Stored
Display or configure where Outlook Express keeps its Message Store.

#2: Change Default Font When Composing E-Mail
Change the default font, style, size, color, and effects when composing messages in Outlook Express.

#3: Purge Deleted Messages Automatically
Configure Outlook Express to automatically removed deleted messages when you exit the software.

#4: Read Messages in Plain Text
View messages in Outlook Express in plain text to help avoid possible security and privacy problems with HTML email.

#5: Always Spell Check E-Mail Before Sending
Configure Outlook Express so it always spell checks your e-mail before it is sent.

#6: Ignore All Read Receipt Requests
Prevent Outlook Express from ever prompting you to return a read receipt.

#7: Make Outlook Express the Default E-Mail and News Program
Configure Outlook Express to be the default program used for managing e-mail and newsgroups.

#8: Request Read Receipt for an Individual Message
Request a read receipt for an important message sent in Outlook Express.

#9: Stop Playing a Sound When New E-Mail Arrives
Prevent Outlook Express from audibly notifying you when new messages arrive.

#10: Stop Sending Messages Immediately
Prevent Outlook Express from automatically trying to send messages as soon as you compose them.

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