Windows XP and Calculator Help and Tips

Get the most out the Windows XP calculator tool and learn where to download a powerful replacement.

#1: Advanced Calculator
Enable advanced features of your Windows XP calculator for more complicated math equations.

#2: Download a Free Graphing Calculator
Download a freeware Windows XP graphing calculator replacement that's much more powerful than the original.

#3: Use PowerToys Calculator to Convert Measurements
Convert length, mass, time, velocity, and temperature with the Windows XP Powertoy Calculator.

#4: Create a Keyboard Shortcut
The Windows XP calculator can be just a couple of keystrokes away.

#5: What Does a Button Do?
Get help on any Windows XP calculator button.

#6: Running the Calculator
Access the Windows XP calculator tool to quickly solve math equations.

#7: Use Scientific Notation Everywhere
Make every number use scientific notation with Windows XP's calculator.

#8: Keyboard Shortcuts
Use these shortcuts to run Windows XP's calculator without relying on the mouse.

#9: Other Calculator Replacements
Is Windows XP's calculator not powerful enough for you? Download these freeware and shareware replacements.

#10: Paste Equations into the Calculator
Insert math equations straight into the Windows XP calculator without retyping.

#11: Hexadecimal, Octal, and Binary
For those who like to balance their checkbooks in hexadecimal, the Windows XP calculator is for you.

#12: Access Statistic Functions
Perform deviations, averages, and more with Windows XP's calculator.

#13: Transferring Numbers Between Views
Transfer numbers between Calculator's Standard and Scientific Views.

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Tips regarding calculator software. Programs may include features such as function support, a scroll-back buffer, and varying levels of precision.

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