Windows XP Help and Tips

Windows XP help and tips to increase your productivity and help solve computer problems. Topics include Tweak UI, account management, remote desktop connections, using printers, removing spyware on Windows XP systems, DOS and Batch Files, and more.

Media Center Edition 2005

Tips on troubleshooting and configuring Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Windows XP - Outlook Express

Tips on configuring and using Outlook Express in Windows XP to send and receive e-mail.

Windows XP and Account Management

Help and tips for managing account settings on Windows XP

Windows XP and Calculator

Get the most out the Windows XP calculator tool and learn where to download a powerful replacement.

Windows XP and DOS

Use the DOS command prompt in Windows XP. Display system process information, find Windows XP replacements for the tail, sleep, and grep commands, and more batch file tips.

Windows XP and Explorer

Windows XP tips on file management, folder customizations, Explorer toolbars, and more

Windows XP and Explorer - Hidden and System Files

Toggle viewing system, hidden, and other protected files in Windows XP Explorer.

Windows XP and Explorer - Thumbnail View

Tweak Explorer's Thumbnails view in Windows XP.

Windows XP and Fonts

Managing fonts on your Windows XP system. Includes tips on navigating your fonts and uninstalling unused fonts.

Windows XP and Laptops

Getting the most out of Windows XP with your laptop computer, including extending battery life, making your laptop easier to use, and more.

Windows XP and Networking

Tips for solving Windows XP networking problems, both wired and wireless.

Windows XP and Printers

Help and advice for using printers with Windows XP

Windows XP and Remote Desktop Connection

Tips on configuring and optimizing Remote Desktop Connections via Windows XP.

Windows XP and Restart - Shutdown

Tips and issues regarding hibernating, restarting or shutting down a Windows XP computer, or using stand-by mode.

Windows XP and the Display - Desktop

Windows XP tips for modifying the display and desktop properties, including changing wallpaper, icons, and font size.

Windows XP and the Internet

Help with using the Internet with Windows XP. Reinstalling Internet Explorer, choosing different web browsers, preventing Windows XP from auto-dialing your ISP, and more.

Windows XP and the Keyboard

Keyboard-related tips and tweaks for Windows XP, including adjusting Accessibility features.

Windows XP and the Mouse

Windows XP tips involving the mouse including tweaks and fixes.

Windows XP and Tweak UI

Modify and customize your Windows XP computing experience with Tweak UI.

Windows XP and WordPad

Edit documents in Windows XP with the WordPad tool. Learn keyboard shortcuts and how to install a spell checker.

Windows XP Misc

Miscellaneous Windows XP help. Tweaks, bug fixes, preventing Windows XP system crashes, and more.

Windows XP Service Pack 2

Downloading, installing, and using Windows XP Service Pack 2. Installation troubleshooting, disabling automatic updates, potential software difficulties after upgrading Windows XP, and more.

Windows XP Taskbar - Toolbar - Start Menu

Help customizing the Windows XP taskbar, Start Menu, and toolbars to increase your productivity. Modify the Quick Launch area for quicker access to frequently-used applications, remove the clock, access Windows XP's Control Panel, and more.

Windows XP Upgrading

Get help on upgrading your computer to Windows XP.

See Also:

File Extensions

Explains DOS/Windows file extensions, how to view files of various extensions, and why unexpected file extensions can cause security risks.


Defines the term firewall, explains how a firewall can help increase computer security and prevent identity theft, and provides links to download firewall software.

Internet Explorer 6 - Windows XP Service Pack 2

New Internet Explorer 6 features in Windows XP Service Pack 2. Discusses the pop-up blocker, browser helper objects (BHO), and more.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

Getting the most out of Internet Explorer 6, including tips on auto-completion, cookies, tweaking settings, Internet Explorer 6 security issues, and more.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

Tips on downloading, installing, and configuring the Internet Explorer 7 web browser. Also includes tips to help increase security and privacy, managing tabs, and modifying your Favorites.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Tips on configuring and using the Internet Explorer 8 web browser. Tips include using Accelerators to access external websites with selected text.

Removing Spyware and Adware

Stop suffering computer troubles caused by spyware! Browser hijacked? Mysterious pop-up windows appearing? Afraid your usage is being tracked? We have over 200 anti-spyware tips to help solve these problems.

Windows Live Mail

Tips and help for installing and configuring the Windows Live Mail software for Windows. This supports e-mail, calendars, newsgroups, and RSS feeds.

Windows Media Player

Get help playing multimedia files with the Windows Media Player. Tip topics include troubleshooting multimedia playback, CD ripping, security and privacy, visualizations, interface customizations, and keyboard shortcuts.

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