Wireless Internet Help and Tips

Help for wireless Internet (wi-fi). How to connect, where to find Wi-Fi Hotspots, laptop configuration tips (including firewall installation), and more.

#1: Wi-Fi Hot Spot Lists
Websites offering lists of Wireless Internet (wi-fi) hotspots.

#2: WEP and WPA Security
What are the differences between WEP and WPA security in a wireless network?

#3: Know Your Time Limits for Free Wi-Fi
Find out if there are any time limits to free wireless Internet use before you go online.

#4: Wireless Ethernet Converter - Bridge
Allow devices that cannot communicate wirelessly to do so with a wireless Ethernet converter/bridge.

#5: Use a Firewall
Help protect your machine when connecting to a wi-fi hotspot by using firewall software.

#6: Check your Library
Your local library may offer a free wi-fi hotspot.

#7: Diagnosing No Connection
A quick checklist if you cannot connect to a wireless network.

#8: May Have to Agree to Terms of Service Before Access
Don't get frustrated if connecting to the Internet via a HotSpot doesn't seem to work - you may have to agree to a Terms of Service first using the web browser.

#9: What Is It?
What is wireless Internet, or wi-fi, and how can you access the Internet without connecting to a physical network?

#10: Make Sure your Battery is Charged
Though the Internet may be wireless, power is not. Ensure your laptop is charged before going to a wi-fi hotspot.

#11: Access May Extend Outside of a Wi-Fi Hotspot
Wireless Internet access may not end at a site's walls or at a street corner.

#12: Coffee, Pastry, and Deli Shops
A wi-fi hotspot may be as close as the nearest coffee, pastry, or deli shop.

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