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Get Rid of Temp Files, Junk, Web Browsing Cache, Search History, More

SUMMARY: Wise Disk Cleaner Free can remove usage histories, temp files, and other junk from your Windows hard drive and registry.

The longer you run Windows, the more junk accumulates on your hard drive and in the Windows Registry. This includes stuff like temporary files created by installation programs that never get properly removed, search histories, web browser cache and cookies, and most recently used file lists.

Besides clogging up your hard drive and filling up the Registry, junk can actually slow down your machine due to increased file and registry key seek times. One option for removing such files is the "Wise Disk Cleaner Free" application. This program through a tabbed interface can perform basic scans to clean junk from your system. Advanced scans allow you to select files by type. A "Slimming System" scan removes files you may not need including sample pictures, help files, and IMEs that allow for the inputting of various languages into applications.

Selecting the types of entries to remove via Wise Disk Cleaner

The software comes with "scan" and "cleaning" modes and it is highly recommended to scan first before deleting registry entries and files. By doing so the software will provide lists of entries that are to be deleted and you can manually go through and check / uncheck which entries to delete. You can even right-click an item to access the file or view the registry entry if you are concerned before deleting it.

Choosing files to remove via Wise Disk Cleaner

Once you perform the cleaning the software will prompt you upon completion, and will warn you if certain entries cannot be removed. It will try to remove them on the next bootup.

Wise Disk Cleaner Free runs on Windows 98 and up. More information and download links can be found at the below site. Note that during the install, if you choose to run the application immediately, it may fail on modern versions of Windows due to requiring escalation. If you run the program from the Start Menu you should be prompted for escalation privileges, and the software should run normally.

* Wise Disk Cleaner Free

This is a powerful application that can conceivably remove files and registry entries that you may wish to keep. Cleaning may also remove entries that keep applications from functioning correctly, or at all, and conceivably you may be able to remove data that causes Windows to stop functioning altogether. While use of cleaning applications like this one can cause your machine to run faster, deleting the wrong entries can cause "very bad things". You have been warned.

This tip was written regarding Wise Disk Cleaner v6.15.331 running on a Windows 7 system. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions /operating systems may vary.

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