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Windows XP and Calculator

Download a Free Graphing Calculator

SUMMARY: Download a freeware Windows XP graphing calculator replacement that's much more powerful than the original.

While the Windows XP Calculator contains many basic and scientific functions, you may need a calculator that performs advanced functionality as well as the ability to plot equations on a graph. If so then you're in luck, as Microsoft provides a graphing calculator you can download for free from its PowerToys suite.

1. Visit the following webpage to access the Microsoft Windows XP PowerToys website:

* http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx

Windows XP PowerToy Calc screenshot

2. Click on "PowerCalc.exe" (this actually opens "PowerCalcPowertoySetup.exe") to download and open the calculator setup.

3. When prompted, click "Next" to continue the installation (you may have to first confirm you wish to run the application).

4. Read the EULA, select that you agree to the terms (if you do!), and click "Next".

5. Enter in your name and organization (if you wish) and click "Next".

6. Continue to click "Next", "Install", and "Finish" to install the graphing calculator.

To run the graphing calculator, click "Start", select "All Programs", "Powertoys for Windows XP", then "PowerToy Calculator".

Running the Windows XP PowerToy Calculator

For some example graphs that can be plotted using this calculator, enter in the following equations:

U formation: f(x)=x^2
V formation: f(x)=abs(x)
Rising Curve: f(x)=exp(x)
Sine wave: f(x)=sin(x)

You can use the "Conversions" menu to display formulas that perform unit conversions involving length, mass, time, velocity, and temperature. For some example conversions, enter the following into the calculator:

Converts 5 inches to feet: 5[in->ft]
Converts 0 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit: 0[c->f]
Converts 23 days to minutes: 23[d->min]
Converts 100 pounds to ounces: 100[lb->oz]

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