SUMMARY: Shrink the display size of a Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection for added performance and increased screen real-estate for other software.

When you use the Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection tool, does the size of the remote desktop window take up too much room on your actual desktop? If so, you can try shrinking the size of the window, though remote machine options may override your settings. But ... it's worth a short.

Access Remote Desktop Connection. Click the "Options" button to access advanced options. Click "Open" if you wish to modify an existing session name.

Click the "Display" tab. Underneath "Remote Desktop size", move the slider to the left to shrink the display of the remote desktop window. Click on the "Colors" pull-down to raise or shrink the colors visible on the remote desktop (a smaller color palette may speed up the connection, but some of the remote desktop's colors may look odd).

When you have the desired settings, click the "General" tab. Click "Save As" to re-save your session with the new settings, or just go ahead and access a computer remotely by clicking the "Options" menu to hide the advanced settings, then enter the computer name and click "Connect".

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