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Choose Folder Details to Display

SUMMARY: Add detail to your Windows XP Details View such as Song Length, Picture Resolution, and more.

When you chose "View" - "Details" from within a folder in Windows XP Explorer, columns are shown that Windows XP thinks are the most useful for said folder. For example:

* For file folders, these are usually Name, Size, Type, and Date Modified.

* For music folders, details shown are usually Name, Size, Type, Artist, Album Title, Year, Track Number, and Duration.

* For picture folders, you may see Name, Size, Type, Date Modified, Date Picture Taken, and Dimensions.

However, these chosen details may not be to your liking. Some items may not be needed, others you wish to see. Luckily you can customize these options on a per-folder basis.

1. From a folder, choose "View" - "Choose Details".

2. A "Choose Details" dialog box will appear. From here you will have lots of options, listed here in alphabetical order:

* Album Title
* Artist
* Attributes
* Audio sample rate
* Audio sample size
* Author
* Bit Rate
* Camera Model
* Category
* Channels
* Comments
* Company
* Copyright
* Date Accessed
* Date Created
* Date Modified
* Date Picture Taken
* Description
* Dimensions
* Duration
* Episode Name
* File Version
* Genre
* Keywords
* Name
* Owner
* Pages
* Product Name
* Product Version
* Program Description
* Protected
* Size
* Status
* Subject
* Title
* Track Number
* Type
* Year

Naturally, some of these options do not make sense for all folders. Music folders don't need the "Camera Model" information; photo folders can't use "Audio sample rate", etc. But for those that make sense, check the boxes next to the details you wish to see.

If you want to move an item up or down in the list (higher items are shown to the left in the "Details" view), click the item in question and press the "Move Up" or "Move Down" button.

To change the width of a column, click the appropriate detail and type in a new pixel width next to "Width of selected column (in pixels)".

When you're done, click "OK" to close the dialog box.

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