Yahoo Search Help and Tips

Help and tips for using the Yahoo! Search engine. Further refine your search results. Perform specialty searches for weather, gasoline prices, definitions, area codes, and more.

#1: Find Cheap Gas Prices On Your Computer or Mobile Device
Save money pumping gas into your car. Use Yahoo! Search to find cheap gas prices around your city or neighborhood.

#2: Stop Displaying Search Suggestions (Search Assist)
Prevent the Yahoo! search engine from displaying search suggestions as you type.

#3: Search UPC Codes
Search for information on a UPC code via Yahoo! Search to see other products made by the same manufacturer.

#4: Limit Searches to a Particular Host Name
Search for items in Yahoo! on a particular host.

#5: Convert Weights and Measurements
Convert between inches and centimeters, pounds and kilograms, and more with Yahoo.

#6: Add Yahoo! Search to My Webpage
If you run a website and/or blog, you can add a Yahoo! Search box directly on the page.

#7: Display the Local Time
Show the current time in London, New York, Sydney, or wherever.

#8: Define a Word
Use Yahoo! Search's built-in dictionary to define unrecognizable words.

#9: Save Time, Open Search Results in a New Window
Stop jumping back and forth between the Yahoo! Search results page and matching websites; open links in new windows.

#10: Display Traffic Reports
View traffic maps of many major US metropolitan areas.

#11: Show All Results From a Website
Tell Yahoo! Search to only return search results from a particular website.

#12: Sports Scores
Get the latest scores for your favorite sports team with Yahoo! Search.

#13: Show Only Recently Updated Documents
Force Yahoo! Search to only display newer documents updated within the last few months or year.

#14: Track a Shipped Package
Display the delivery status of packages shipped via FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service (USPS).

#15: Display Stock Quotes
Display company financial information, including stock quotes, from within the Yahoo! search engine.

#16: Show More Results Per Page
Stop clicking "next page" so much when viewing Yahoo! Search results.

#17: Use Yahoo! As a Calculator
Perform basic mathematical calculations from the Yahoo! Search box.

#18: US Movie Theater Showtimes
Find out what movies are playing at nearby movie theatres from within the Yahoo! search engine.

#19: Display the Exchange Rate
Display the exchange rate between dollars, euros, pounds, pesos, yen, and other monetary systems from within the Yahoo! search engine.

#20: Only Search for PDF or DOC files
Force Yahoo! Search to only look for Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, or other document types.

#21: Search for Text in a Web Page's Title
Use Yahoo! Search's title searching feature to try to find web documents more closely matching your subject of interest.

#22: Display Word Synonyms
Yahoo! Search can act as a thesaurus to help aid your writing.

#23: Airport Information
Display airport addresses, maps, and flight information including delays from the Yahoo! search engine.

#24: See Who Links to a Particular Site
Get a good idea of a web site's popularity rating by seeing who links to it.

#25: Limit Results By Language
Only return Yahoo! Search results in languages you desire.

#26: Ignore Words to Clarify Searches
Keep certain unwanted words or phrases from appearing in your Yahoo! Search results.

#27: Find Hotel Listings
Planning on traveling? Find hotel listings via Yahoo! Search.

#28: Search the Web with Yahoo! Search
Use the Yahoo! search engine to explore the web.

#29: Find Zip Codes for a US City
Mailing a letter to the US and forgot the zip code for the city or address? Find it with Yahoo! Search.

#30: Area Code Search
Where does a particular phone number point to? Find out with Yahoo! Search.

#31: Limit Results by Country
You can request Yahoo! to limit search results to websites located in a particular country.

#32: Weather Reports
Ask Yahoo! Search for weather reports for cities across the globe.

#33: Navigate the Yahoo! Network
Quickly jump around the various websites that compose the Yahoo! Network.

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