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Software packages that provide compression and/or uncompression of .ZIP archives. Some programs may also uncompress .GZ, .RAR, .TAR, and other file formats.

#1: Drag and Drop Archive Extractions Via ExtractNow
ExtractNow supports drag-and-drop archive extraction, and it can monitor folders for new archives and automatically extract them.

#2: ZipGenius, Freeware for Windows
ZipGenius is a freeware compression / uncompression application for Windows with many configuration options.

#3: ALZip for Windows
ALZip compresses and extracts a variety of archive types with an Egghead character and interface.

#4: PowerArchiver for Windows
PowerArchiver is a commercial file archive creation and extraction application with tools to send files via SFTP, create self-extracting executables, convert archives, and more.

#5: CAM UnZip for Windows Includes a Command Line Interface
CAM UnZip can zip and unzip files for Windows with a GUI or at the DOS prompt.

#6: PeaZip for Linux and Windows Creates and Extracts Multiple Archive Types
PeaZip can create and extract multiple archive types, supporting self-extracting archives and ZIP encryption.

#7: Simplyzip for Windows: Create and Unpack Multiple Archive Types
Simplyzip is a freeware zip and unzip application for Windows that supports many archive types.

#8: Zipeg for Macintosh and Windows with Photo Previews
Zipeg allows Macintosh and Windows users to unzip a variety of archive types, previewing photos before extraction.

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