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HTML Escape, Sort, and Remove Email Quotes from Text, Plus More

SUMMARY: ZZEE Text Utility can search and replace inside a block of text with regular expression support, change text case, HTML escape text, and more.

The free ZZEE Text Utility for Windows, and its online equivalent for all operating systems, is exactly the type of program you won't think of getting until you need it. The software provides a set of functions it can perform on a pasted block of text, copying the results to the clipboard. While some text editors may have a subset or all of these features, this software can work in conjunction with any editor, even Notepad.

The types of functions supported include sorting lines, reformatting text to a specified width (useful in creating e-mail newsletters), removing or adding electronic mail reply / forwarded message quotes (the infamous ">" symbols), removing empty or duplicate lines, replacing tabs with spaces, converting text case, escaping HTML symbols so text can be safely posted online, search and replace with regular expression support, and changing text case.

HTML Escaping text with ZZEE Text Utility

The software can be downloaded at the following address:

* ZZEE Text Utility

The online version can be found here:

* ZZEE Text Utility - Online

This tip was written regarding ZZEE Text Utility v1.2.1 running on a Windows XP machine. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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